19th Street Beers and Barbecues in Yangon

19th Street in Yangon

19th street in Yangon usually get to live around 6pm until 11.30pm.

19th street at a glance

The whole street is one mass of mouthwatering barbecue stalls, restaurants selling local dishes and street food stalls selling local fruits like durian and rambutan. However many of the upscale and mid-range restaurants popular among travelers are located at the end of the 19th street. Bars and restaurants like KOSAN cafe are a hit among backpackers.

Even if you are not a fan of street food and snacks a stroll through 19th street will definitely give you a taste of the night life in China Town, Yangon.



How to find 19th Street

Location: 19th street, down Mahabandoola Road, China Town in Yangon.

19th street can be found between Mahabandoola Road and Anwratha Street in China Town. There aren’t any street signs to follow but it is quite easy to find. It looks like an ordinary street during the day time but after 6 p.m. the whole place comes alive with food stalls, restaurants and all sorts of eateries.

Specialty of 19th street

Burmese food stalls, cheap beer, open air restaurants.

beer – $ US1.5 per person/ $ US2-6 for a full meal per person.

This is the place to be if you are looking for cheap beer and a friendly chit chat with the locals. Don’t forget to try out Myanmar beer, one can will cost you less than $ US 2.


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