A ferry to Dala Life across the Yangon river

Ferry to dala yangon

Price of the Ferry to Dala

A ferry ticket to Dala will cost you around US$4 both ways. You can pay in USD or in Kiats

About Dala near Yangon

Dala is a small township located to the South of the Yangon River. Standing in contrast to the busy streets of Yangon, Dala’s dusty roads and cheerful villagers blissfully oblivious of their poverty stricken lives, are worth experiencing.

Ferry to Dala from Yangon

To get to Dala, take the local Ferry from Pansadon street Jetty. You can find the jetty at the end of Pansodan Street. Ferries leave for Dala every 20 minutes and the journey takes not more than 20 minutes.


What to visit in Dala?

In fact one of the highlights of this short trip to Dala is the ferry ride itself. It will surely give you a taste of Burmese local life.

The chattering locals, an occasional shuffle of chickens cooped up in pens ready to be sold in the market, the cries of hawkers selling their wares and the immense waters of Yangon River offering you beautiful photogenic scenes would surely add color to your journey.

Once reaching the jetty of Dala, you’ll be momentarily jostled by the passengers eager to get out and all the unofficial tour guides offering you half day taxi or rickshaw tours around the city.

Ferry to dala - Yangon


A visit of 2-3 hours is recommended

Dala is a pleasant distraction from the ever changing scenes of Yangon and a short visit of two to three hours is all that it takes to experience it.


What to do in Dala township?

  • Take a walk around Dala and enjoy the laid back ambiance of the place. Don’t be surprised to see wondering cows, chickens and goats crossing your path now and then.
  • Take a rickshaw ride for about kyat 3000 per person and enjoy the rural life that unfolds before you.
  • Visit the village market and the whole sale fish market. A quick walk thorough these local markets selling fresh produce will freshen up your mood.
  • Visit Shwe Sayan Pagoda. This is an important land mark in Dala. The center piece of this temple is a mummified monk in a glass case who had lived there around 150 years ago. It is said that he opened one eye around 10 to 12 years ago to warn the villagers of a coming cyclone in Thailand.

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