Hotels in Yangon Accomodation in the former capital of Myanmar

Book hotels in Yangon in advance

Booking hotels in advance is recommended as Yangon suffer from a lack of accommodation due to high demand and inadequate supply, resulting in overnight price hikes for hotels, especially in the peak season from October to April.

Easy online booking in Yangon

Hotels in Yangon
Hotels in Yangon

Agoda and offer the larger selection of hotels in Yangon. Hostelworld and other websites are less established and therefore have fewer hotels listed.


Budget accommodation in Yangon

Small family run guesthouses and budget hotels

Price range: Starting from a meager $10 per person per night to $40 per person per night.

Services and Facilities: Basic rooms with clean beds or dormitory, shared or attached bathrooms depending on the price. A/C and hot water may not be available in bottom end budget accommodation in Yangon.

Budget accommodation in Yangon List

Agga Youth Hotel from $16/night

Agga Guest House from $11/night

Sleep In Hostel from $13/night

Daddy's Home from $26/night


Mid-range hotels in Yangon

Yangon offers comfortable hotel facilities in mid-range hotels

Price range: Starting from $40 per person per night to $120 per person per night.

Services and Facilities: Spacious room with a clean bed, 24 hour electricity, A/C, attached bathroom, internet access, and taxi service.

Mid-range hotels in Yangon list

The Rock Villa from $45/night


Top hotels in Yangon

Price range: Starting from $120 per night per person per night. You will get a real touch of elegance and style of luxury.

Services and Facilities: Room and concierge services, mini bar, satellite TV, international cuisine, gym, jacuzzi, swimming pool, laundry services, massage and spa facilities, taxi service...

Top hotels in Yangon list

The Strand Hotel from $350/night


Tips on booking accommodation in Yangon

The majority of the hotels in Myanmar do not accept credit cards at this time, and if they do, it can be costly because of hefty bank commissions. It is wise to book online or carry US dollars with you.

The internet and phone lines undergo continuous interruptions in Myanmar. As a result, hotels and guesthouses have several phone numbers and email addresses, contacting them directly is often not possible. When you book online with Agoda or, your booking is guaranted because most hotels in Yangon keep a printed copy of your booking at the reception.

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